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Favorite One hell of an evening at the Maroon Bells

Four Pass Loop

27.1 mi 43.6 km 7,265' Up 2214.42 m Up 7,266' Down 2214.53 m Down

Snowmas…, CO
Favorite Franconia Ridge Trail.

Franconia Ridge Loop

8.3 mi 13.4 km 3,566' Up 1086.87 m Up 3,564' Down 1086.35 m Down

Lincoln, NH
Favorite Lone Eagle Peak above Mirror - from the Crater Lake Trail

Monarch Lake to Crater Lake

14.9 mi 24.0 km 2,017' Up 614.74 m Up 2,017' Down 614.7 m Down

Granby, CO
Favorite Coming down Bright Angel.

Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim (R2R2R)

47.5 mi 76.5 km 10,919' Up 3328.07 m Up 10,919' Down 3328.18 m Down

Grand C…, AZ
Favorite Sunrise from Mt Sanitas

Boulder Skyline Traverse

17.3 mi 27.9 km 5,245' Up 1598.81 m Up 5,317' Down 1620.74 m Down

Superior, CO
Favorite Looking toward Devil's Thumb Peak, yeah!

High Lonesome Loop

15.7 mi 25.2 km 3,162' Up 963.89 m Up 3,162' Down 963.86 m Down

Nederland, CO
Favorite Coming down Bright Angel.

South Kaibab/Bright Angel Loop

21.6 mi 34.7 km 4,968' Up 1514.22 m Up 4,978' Down 1517.24 m Down

Grand C…, AZ
Favorite The Loch, Rocky Mountain NP CO

Sky Pond

8.3 mi 13.3 km 2,000' Up 609.68 m Up 1,999' Down 609.26 m Down

Estes Park, CO
Favorite Views of the jagged Dragontail Peak across Colchuck Lake.

Enchantments Traverse

19.1 mi 30.8 km 4,556' Up 1388.81 m Up 6,674' Down 2034.11 m Down

Leavenw…, WA
Favorite Bear Peak panorama

Bear Peak Out and Back

5.7 mi 9.2 km 2,541' Up 774.37 m Up 2,540' Down 774.25 m Down

Boulder, CO
Favorite Tablerock Mountain (to the right) from Shortoff Mountain.

Linville Gorge Wilderness Loop

21.9 mi 35.2 km 4,723' Up 1439.6 m Up 4,722' Down 1439.31 m Down

Glen Al…, NC
Favorite The Delaware Water Gap comes alive in the autumn. Interstate 80 (seen below and on the left side of the Delaware River) puts drivers right in the action.

Mt. Tammany Summit

3.4 mi 5.5 km 1,151' Up 350.73 m Up 1,182' Down 360.36 m Down

Strouds…, PA
Favorite The view to Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain from Dream Lake.

Emerald Lake

3.3 mi 5.4 km 661' Up 201.34 m Up 651' Down 198.3 m Down

Estes Park, CO
Favorite Grinnell Lake overlook.

Grinnell Glacier

10.3 mi 16.6 km 1,774' Up 540.61 m Up 1,777' Down 541.59 m Down

Swiftcu…, MT
Favorite Winding Stairs section of the Eagle Rock Loop

ERL- Eagle Rock Loop

25.5 mi 41.0 km 2,505' Up 763.42 m Up 2,511' Down 765.37 m Down

Dierks, AR
Favorite Colorful of fall foliage is the awesome feeling and smell

Old Rag Loop

8.9 mi 14.3 km 2,362' Up 719.92 m Up 2,359' Down 718.89 m Down

Stanley, VA
Favorite Sunrise summit of Longs Peak looking East. AMAZING!

Longs Peak - Keyhole Route

14.0 mi 22.5 km 5,241' Up 1597.49 m Up 5,231' Down 1594.51 m Down

Estes Park, CO
Favorite The Teton Peaks

Lake Solitude

14.2 mi 22.8 km 2,246' Up 684.47 m Up 2,246' Down 684.46 m Down

Jackson, WY
Favorite Bear blocking the trail!

Section 16/Palmer Loop

5.9 mi 9.6 km 1,287' Up 392.19 m Up 1,288' Down 392.48 m Down

Manitou…, CO
Favorite The top of Nevada Falls is the best place on earth.

Vernal and Nevada Falls Loop

6.2 mi 10.0 km 1,999' Up 609.27 m Up 1,998' Down 608.87 m Down

Yosemit…, CA
Favorite Stream in the Smoky Mtns.

Alum Cave - Cliff Top Out and Back

10.7 mi 17.3 km 2,773' Up 845.09 m Up 2,773' Down 845.09 m Down

Gatlinburg, TN
Favorite A happy goat admires the views from the Quandary Peak Trail.

Quandary Peak

6.4 mi 10.3 km 3,169' Up 965.85 m Up 3,178' Down 968.68 m Down

Brecken…, CO
Favorite Looking back down to Kelso Mountain, a fun 13er to warm up on!

Grays and Torreys Peaks

8.3 mi 13.3 km 3,479' Up 1060.53 m Up 3,466' Down 1056.42 m Down

Georgetown, CO
Favorite Sunrise from Mt Sanitas

Sunshine Lion's Lair Loop

5.3 mi 8.5 km 1,261' Up 384.48 m Up 1,282' Down 390.64 m Down

Boulder, CO
Favorite Looking at the Continental Divide from the trail from Granite Park Chalet on the way to the Loop.

Highline to The Loop

11.7 mi 18.8 km 1,183' Up 360.66 m Up 3,554' Down 1083.33 m Down

Red Roc…, MT
Favorite Traverse Echo Canyon's tunnel of color along the East Rim Trail.

Observation Point

6.7 mi 10.8 km 2,131' Up 649.48 m Up 2,130' Down 649.21 m Down

Springdale, UT
Favorite The second of 6 waterfalls in Whiteoak Canyon (the 1st being the very upper falls).

Whiteoak Canyon to Cedar Run Loop

8.2 mi 13.1 km 2,255' Up 687.39 m Up 2,255' Down 687.38 m Down

Stanley, VA
Favorite Rim Trail somewhere in between Sunset and Sunrise Points.

Fairyland Loop

8.1 mi 13.1 km 1,460' Up 444.86 m Up 1,458' Down 444.26 m Down

Panguitch, UT
Favorite Evening light at Arches NP!

Devils Garden Full Lollipop

5.0 mi 8.1 km 548' Up 166.97 m Up 554' Down 168.8 m Down

Moab, UT
Favorite View from the end of the trail. From here you may choose to walk onto the bridge or for those with a fear of heights can stay right here and enjoy the view as well.

Devil's Bridge Trail

1.6 mi 2.5 km 342' Up 104.32 m Up 342' Down 104.24 m Down

West Se…, AZ