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Don't just take our word for it. Hear from our valued members about how creating an Estate Plan made a difference in their lives. Read testimonials here and on TrustPilot.


“It’s one of those things you hope you never need, but want to make sure your wishes for your estate are taken care of.”

It was an awesome experience because the online platform asked us a lot of questions we had never thought of before. We would discuss and then decide on the best course of action. Being able to easily fill out the questionnaire made the process stress-free. Getting the packet in the mail with our entire customized plan and knowing we also had the ability to make changes online was the cherry on top. 

– Maegan Sinclair Cortez, member since 2020


“I was worried about the complexity of the process, but Trust & Will guided me through the whole thing.”

As a trauma and Covid-19 ICU nurse, I see how sudden tragedy can hasten some of the tough conversations about final wishes for patients and families. It was important for me to make my wishes clear and accessible for my family in case something happened to me. Trust & Will helped many healthcare workers like myself throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by making the process more affordable and accessible in an online format.

– Alex Dudek, member since 2020


“Don’t let your fears and concerns about the process stop you from completing this important step. You’ll be so glad you did it.”

We decided to create an Estate Plan after going through significant life changes: getting married, having a baby, and buying a home. We felt like a weight lifted knowing such an important step in our family and life planning was complete and our wishes would be honored if something were to happen to us.

– Brendan Sweeney, member since 2020


“No need to get overwhelmed– get started today and take it one step at a time.”

Having kids is what initially drove me to create an Estate Plan, and once it was complete I felt so relieved. At first I was afraid that it would be a confusing process, but Trust & Will made it easy, fast, and affordable.

– Justin Kramm, member since 2020

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“After my Estate Plan was complete, I felt reassured that my family would be cared for if something happened to me.”

Trust & Will proactively sought to help healthcare workers during the pandemic and supported me from beginning to end in creating my documents. I filled in the blanks with what was important to me, then they reviewed it and sent me a printed copy. I have complete trust in Trust & Will and recommend them to my own family and friends so they can also feel at ease when planning for the future of their family.

– Sara Hennessy, member since 2020


“We’re so relieved our Estate Plan is done! We also felt very positive about securing our child's future with the documents the process took us through."

Trust & Will made the process so unbelievably simple! With the large print, sliding questions, helpful information, and user-friendly format, it was really a no-brainer once we got started. Our main concern was that putting together our Estate Plan was going to be a tedious and expensive process, when in fact it was the opposite! Once we completed the plan, we immediately felt grateful that it was done and were satisfied with both the process and the end product.

– Monica Luna, member since 2020


“I wanted to be prepared for my loved ones, so I made an Estate Plan.”

My biggest concern when purchasing my Estate Plan was that my wishes wouldn’t be carried out. I ended up choosing Trust & Will because of their easy-to-use website and great customer service. I felt so relieved when it was done!

– Aaron Paul Meller, member since 2020


“Trust & Will was easy to use and I felt assured when my Estate Plan was complete.”

My initial concern was the price, but once I saw how much it actually cost my fears were put to rest. To those looking to make an Estate Plan– keep it simple and be specific about the things you want. Trust & Will makes everything else already there for you!

– Parker Terry, member since 2020


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